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Home Maintenance Experts' Maintenance Program

Home Maintenance Experts' Maintenance Program for Residential Properties and How It Will Help You and Your Home.

Our Maintenance Program means that your home is examined from top to bottom for any problems or issues. Often, we fix the small things as we find them! Because a $50 issue can become a $5,000 problem very quickly. We provide you with seasonal preparations. And we provide you with a written report, so you can see what attention is required. Then, as a Maintenance Program Customer, you can receive quick and economical service and attention from Home Maintenance Experts as we follow your customized Maintenance Program plan.

For more information on Home Maintenance Experts' Maintenance Program, please contact us.


  • Peace Of Mind for Yourself or the Loved One You Gifted the Maintenance Program To
  • Freedom To Enjoy Your Time or Get Back To Business When You Turn These Projects Over To The Home Maintenance Experts
  • Expert Attention To Small Issues Before They Become Big Issues
  • Written Reporting For Your Consideration, Review, and Budgeting Purposes
  • No Need To Bother Neighbors, Friends or Family with Your Maintenance Needs
  • You Have the Information on What Repairs Need To Be Done So You Control The Timeline of What To Complete According to the Safety and Preventative Recommendations from Your Maintenance Program Plan
  • Maintain or Improve the Value of Your Home
  • Care for Your Home When You Are On an Extended Time Away
  • Premier Tier Service as a Maintenance Program Client (in other words, you are one of the first to receive our services)
  • More Quality Time With Your Family

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

"When do you perform the Maintenance Program?"

We have divided the months of the year into three seasonal timeframes: cold, warm and hot. These are the times of the year that your home most needs your attention inside and out. We perform our Maintenance Program reviews with your home's best interest and specific needs in mind. However, if you need a different timeframe schedule or frequency we would be happy to build a Maintenance Program to accommodate your needs.

"I can do this myself. Why should I hire you?"

Oftentimes homeowners fail to look into those places that few people ever go, but problems are likely to occur. Climbing into an attic, getting on a roof, or crawling into a crawl space can be difficult. Then, knowing what you are looking for and spotting problems can also be overlooked by an owner. And you may not have the tools to get the job done correctly the first time.

"Can't I just call you when there is a problem?"

Of course! However, by the time you spot a problem, it may very well cost you ten or twenty times as much to repair it than had we caught the issue before it became a problem that you noticed. Additionally, when you are a Maintenance Program Customer, you benefit from Home Maintenance Experts' experience in maintenance and repair. Our Maintenance Program requires a plan specifically designed for your home, And that means we will thoroughly know your home inside and out so we can perform repairs and maintenance quickly and at a reasonable cost.

"How much does it cost?"

We have a seasonal (three times a year) or an annual program. Or if you have a more frequent need for our service, we can tailor it to your specific needs. Contact us and we would be pleased to provide you with a written estimate prepared specifically for you and your home.



  • The person who lives alone and doesn't have the means to complete repairs themselves
  • Busy households who know they need this work completed but they don't have the time, or the tools, to get these projects done
  • People who have "honey-do" lists that never get done
  • Retired individuals who want help identifying problems and getting them fixed
  • Senior citizens who need help installing items that allow them to safely stay in their homes
  • Adult children who would love to purchase the Maintenance Program and gift it to their parents or grandparents so when they come to visit they can spend time with their loved ones and not fixing maintenance problems
  • Military families who need maintenance completed while their loved one is away serving our country
  • Individuals who take extended vacations each year, or travel frequently, and want the peace of mind that someone they trust is watching over their home